Aims & Objectives


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The aims & objectives of the society

1.  To encourage & advance the study and practice of the science and art of gastrointestinal endoscopy.
2.  To promote academic and social interaction among the members, other similar associations & scientists from other specialities.
3.  To organize scientific meets like conferences, clinical discussions, seminars, symposia,
work –shops etc.
4.  To encourage scientificresearch& experimental work
5.  To maintain reference libraries and publish bulletins or journals devoted to GI Endoscopy.

Dr. Rajesh Dharamsi was selected as the founder- president of DSGE with Dr. Snehal  Malgave  as founder-secretary and Dr Chandrashekhar Desai as the founder-treasurer. Dr Vivekanand Kulkarni was the founder- vice president.   A team of governing council members from south-west Maharashtra comprising the districts of Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Kolhapur ,Sangli ,Solapur and Satara with parts of Goa and northern Karnataka was selected to over-see the activities of the DSGE & to guide the objectives of the society. The first three years from 2004 to 2007 saw a steady growth of members & the academic activities took a firm root & the society became well established. During this period the board of governing council members remained the same & this helped in consolidating the advancement of the society.
Subsequently, each year saw a new team of president, secretary, treasurer, vice-president &a team of governing council members, with a plan to see that the responsibility of the growth of the society passed through the capable, dynamic hands of doctors from each district. With this sharing of responsibility& resources the DSGE has shown healthy & exponential growth in its membership & activities, over  the last decade and more. CMEs, conferences, seminars & workshops have been very successfully held in various district places & also in mofussil/ semi-urban areas where the need for knowledge & skill advancements was the most needed. Three conferences of Maharashtra state chapter of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology was hosted by the DSGE in this area & also one conference of Karnataka state chapter of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology in Belgaum. Joining hands with the Pune Society of Gastroenterology, the DSGE hosted the National level annual conference & workshop of the Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India in Pune in March 2014(ENDOCON2014) where over a thousand delegates from all over the country & abroad joined in learning the latest in Endoscopy from international & national stalwarts & experts . This indeed was a moment of pride & utmost satisfaction for the members of DSGEestablishing it as anational level recognised body. While we collect the feathers in our now well -fitting hat of successful endeavours, the main aim of the DSGE has always been our focus on self-education, self- improvement ,helping our brethren in the medical fraternity understand the nuances of GI endoscopy & gastroenterology & serving the society by bringing to this region all advancements in GI endoscopy & keeping it very affordable.
All the members are involved in helping their patients getting state of the art medical care at reasonable costs. We also have dialogues with the general public through interaction- fora where simple solutions to complex issues are discussed with them& they are educated too  by all the visiting experts in vernacular tongue with regard to digestive diseases & liver problems.
In March 2015 we started a new activity whereby a team of doctors visited Andaman islands & had a beneficial medical camp for the local populace to solve their GI related diseases. Medicines were also distributed. This aspect of taking doctors & medicines to the sick & needy where medical facilities are restricted,is what we plan to actively focus on, as a commitment of our members to society at larger in the coming years.
The Deccan Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopists in its journey of over a decade has shown path –breaking vision & maturity & as it grows as a dedicated force in the coming decades , its dynamic members continue to strive for excellence, ethical practise & with its heart on its sleeve,the betterment of society of every strataremains our commitment.

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